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Repair your Regenerators without the need for drain,
cool down or Production stop

In case of problems with your regenerator checker work during the furnace campaign life, you have the option to repair or replace the checkers without having to drain, cool down and re-heat-up your furnace. The option we offer you is called Glass Furnace Hot Hold.

To achieve this, your regenerators are firstly isolated from the furnace. We shall then install burners into the furnace to keep it at temperature whilst at the same time we shall cool down your regenerators so that your repairs can be completed.

After repair or replacement of the checkers the regenerator is re-heated and re-connected to the furnace to start operation again. In this way, many work steps can be avoided which would result in another Glass Furnace Heat up.


We can adopt this method to keep your furnace hot at around 1250°C with a small feed of cullet during this operation or with use of oxygen burners to maintain your production of about 80 %.




01-Glass Furnace Hot Hold
02-Glass Furnace Hold Hot
03-Glass Furnace Hot Hold
04-Glass Furnace tap and drain
05-Glass Furnace heat up
06-Glass Furnace cooldown